Mr. Rajeev Verma

Founder Director Brajkishore Student Education and Welfare Society

Mr. Rajeev Verma is the founder of BKSEWS and an ambassador for the Swachh Bharat (Clean India) initiative. Under his leadership, BKSEWS launched the Swachhoday campaign, which focuses on cleanliness drives and raising awareness about the importance of sanitation practices. This initiative has significantly impacted communities, inspiring them to take action towards a cleaner and healthier nation.

Ambassador: Swachh Bharat Mission, Ministry of H.UA; Govt. of India
President: Council for Promotion of Trade & Industry, Maharashtra Chapter
Vice President: Swachh Bharat Committee of India, Lions Club International
Managing Director: Sai Optho & Biotech Pvt Ltd.
Proprietor: Pharmacolegal Associates