Join BKSEWS’s mission and together, let’s create a world where hope and transformation reign.

Brijkishore Students Education and Welfare Society are an NGO that began its journey for social progress in 2005. The entity was founded by Mr. Rajeev Verma and a few like-minded friends who harboured a steely desire to make a difference in society. ‘Better light a small lamp than curse darkness’ was perhaps the philosophy out of which BKSEWS was born.

Over the last 14 years of existence, BKSEWS has undertaken many initiatives and advocated numerous social causes.

BKSEWS has come a long way and has a long way to go. But it aims to serve the nation with the same vigour and greater commitment. With a strong vision, towering ambition, and absolute determination, BKSEWS aspires to be that ray of light that dispels the darkness from our society for good.

The “Balika Bachao Andolan”, which started in 2007 garnered overwhelming support from all quarters. Over 10,000 girls participated in the ‘March Past’ that was organised in Varanasi and was led by Textile Minister – Smriti Irani and then Rajyasabha Speaker – Najma Heptullah. The event created enormous awareness about female infanticide and the need to curb such practices.

The Balika Bachao Andolan was an important initiative undertaken by BKSEWS to fight against child marriage and promote girl-child education. This movement garnered support from various stakeholders, including Bollywood celebrities who lent their voices to raise awareness about the cause. The campaign aimed to empower young girls and provide them with the opportunity to lead a better and brighter future.